Risen Hyper-ion HJT Solar Module Reaches Nearly 24 Percent Efficiency

Risen Energy says its HJT series solar module, Hyper-ion, has achieved a maximum power of 741.456 W and a module efficiency of 23.89%, verified by TÜV SÜD.

The company says these numbers are an improvement on its previous record of 23.65% module efficiency, which was achieved in December 2021, therefore setting a new record for the highest power and highest module efficiency of HJT solar modules.

This improvement in efficiency is due to technological innovations like ultra-thin-wafer, zero-busbar technology, Hyper-link interconnection and encapsulation material. The module also features an extremely stable temperature coefficient and a high bifaciality of up to 85% ±10%, capable of maintaining its power output above 90% after 30 years of use, the company says.

The module is backed by Risen Energy’s industry-leading 100μm ultra-thin cell technology and low-temperature process, resulting in a carbon footprint value lower than 400kg eq CO2/kWc.

“As the latest HJT product, Hyper-ion has the best combination of both improvement and reductions – high power and high power generation, high efficiency and reliability, low degradation and low temperature coefficient, low CFP and low LCOE,” says Even Liu, Risen Energy’s senior R&D director.

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