Pair of Energy Storage Projects Now Online in Alberta

Enfinite has financed and developed two energy storage projects that are now operational and supporting the electricity grid in Alberta, Canada.

Enfinite’s eReserve3 and eReserve5 projects are providing increased reliability to Alberta’s electrical system utilizing state-of-the-art energy storage technologies, the company says. The eReserve3 project is a 20 MW battery storage project located in the County of Grande Prairie in northwest Alberta. The eReserve5 project is also a 20 MW project, located in the Municipal District of Provost in east-central Alberta.

With the addition of these operations, Enfinite currently has four operational battery storage facilities in Alberta, capable of storing 140 MWh of energy.

“We are excited to announce the energizing of two more eReserve projects,” says Jason White, chief operating officer for Enfinite. “Overall, our eReserve program will help modernize Alberta’s electricity system, reduce electricity transmission costs, provide a solution to the issue of renewable intermittency, and help ensure affordability for consumers.”

Enfinite is Canada’s largest battery storage operator, with 315 MWh of storage in operation or under construction. Enfinite also has over 900 MWh of battery storage and associated equipment committed to active projects this year and a project pipeline of over 4,000 MWh planned for various jurisdictions across Canada. The company is currently developing five energy storage facilities within Alberta that are anticipated to be operational by the end of this year.

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