Enel Green Power Inaugurates a New Photovoltaic Plant in Italy

The Malvezzi Solar Park is now operational in Poggio Renatico, Italy, in the province of Ferrara (Emilia-Romagna), thanks to the online crowdfunding initiative Scelta Rinnovabile (Renewable Choice) promoted by Enel Green Power.

The opening ceremony of the new plant, which will support the country’s energy transition with a capacity of around 17 MW, was attended by Stefano Bonaccini, president of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government, Nicola Lanzetta, director of Italy at Enel Group, and Daniele Garuti, mayor of Poggio Renatico.

The solar farm consists of more than 30,000 modules. It will produce approximately 25 GWh each year, making it possible to avoid the annual emissions of 11,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and the consumption of 5.4 million cubic meters of gas, replacing it with locally produced renewable energy. 

The system is made up of four contiguous sections and features bifacial modules that absorb energy from both sides of the solar panel, which are mounted on solar trackers that follow the movement of the sun, thereby optimizing energy production.

Launched in October 2021 and aimed at getting local communities involved in developing green energy in the areas where new renewable energy plants are being built, the Scelta Rinnovabile program has attracted massive support, with a large number of residents of Poggio Renatico taking part in the online fundraising campaign. 

Those who participated were initially asked to freely choose how much they wanted to invest, according to their preferences, and benefited from a rate of return on financing plus repayment of invested capital. The fundraising campaign to build the photovoltaic power plant in this municipality in the Emilia-Romagna region was later extended to all citizens across the country and ended successfully as the target was met within just a few hours.

“The increasing use of renewables is a strategic lever for Italy’s independence and energy security, in addition to benefiting the environment and the local areas,” says Nicola Lanzetta, director of Italy at Enel Group. “We have a tangible example of this here in Poggio Renatico, through the Scelta Rinnovabile initiative, citizens had the opportunity to actively contribute to the construction of the new plant and to play a part in the energy transition.”

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