Nextracker Taps Strata Clean Energy to Supply Solar Trackers

Nextracker Inc., a provider of solar tracking and software solutions, has signed a multi-year volume commitment agreement with Strata Clean Energy to supply 810 MW of trackers for large-scale solar power projects in Texas, Arizona and Virginia. 

Consistent with Nextracker’s years-long campaign to grow its partnerships with U.S. suppliers, much of the equipment will be sourced from U.S. factories.

“Strata’s integrated model of solar and storage development, EPC and operations generates value for utilities and landowners,” says Dan Shugar, founder and CEO of Nextracker. “Our expanded U.S. supply chain is well-positioned for their needs to reliably deliver high performing solar power plants, while creating more jobs in communities across the country. We’re excited to enter into this agreement with Strata to deliver low-cost high-performing solar power plants.”

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