Radial Power Connects with Unirac for Solar Racking Solutions

Radial Power, a privately owned developer, owner and operator of distributed clean energy assets, has formed a strategic partnership with solar racking manufacturer Unirac as the exclusive provider of solar racking solutions for Radial Power’s national portfolio of sustainability projects. By utilizing Unirac’s expertise in engineering, Radial Power can ensure seamless and efficient project implementation across its development portfolio while maintaining the highest quality standards and identifying cost-savings for large-scale portfolio owners.

“Unirac’s solar racking solutions have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance and reliability in our projects,” says John Bates, CEO of Radial Power.

The partnership between Radial Power and Unirac is a testament to both companies’ commitment to sustainability and advancing the renewable energy industry. By combining Radial Power’s expertise in renewable energy development and Unirac’s proficiency in solar racking and engineering, the collaboration will pave the way for greater innovation and progress.

“This is a new way of collaborating with a large developer, allowing Unirac to fully utilize the breadth of its product portfolio and depth of its engineering services,” says Peter Lorenz, CEO of Unirac. “Unirac’s full system design services, site assessment capabilities and EPC collaboration have enabled Radial Power to scale quickly and efficiently.”

Image by Charlie Wilde from Pixabay

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