Comstock Begins Commissioning Company’s First PV Recycling Facility

Comstock has secured sufficient supplier commitments to begin commissioning the company’s first PV recycling facility, in the U.S. Southwest, upon receipt of necessary permits.

The company’s Comstock Metals division is currently deploying a demonstration commercializing technologies for crushing, conditioning, extracting and recycling metal and mineral concentrates from PV and other electronic devices. Comstock has received a storage permit and expects to receive the remaining permits by early next year.

“A critical 2023 objective was securing revenue-generating orders for recycling decommissioned solar panels in our first facility,” says Corrado De Gasperis, Comstock’s executive chairman and CEO. “The associated clients are ready to begin supplying decommissioned panels to our demonstration-scale facility on a continuous basis. Our technology and renewable solutions provide a superior alternative to landfilling these polluting materials.”

“We represent a safe, zero-landfill, end-of-life solution for solar installers, landfills, and utility-scale solar developers and generators, serving the entire Southwestern US and beyond,” adds Comstock Metals President Dr. Fortunato Villamagna. 

“Large volumes of end-of-life photovoltaic materials are rapidly becoming available from large solar fields, effectively creating an environmental dilemma for our ecosystem. Comstock’s solution ensures the safe deconstruction, decontamination, separation, and productive reuse of important and precious metals contained in end-of-life photovoltaic materials.”

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