Steyr Automotive Site PV Roof Project Goes Into Operation

The PV roof project located on Steyr Automotive’s 85,000 square-meter roof in Austria has gone into operation.

The approximately 7.5 MW system was installed using the Schletter FixGrid and ClampFit systems. Schletter Group worked with energy supplier Burgenland Energie on this project, which the company says is Austria’s largest PV roof installation. 

On the pitched roof surfaces, the modules were mounted directly onto the trapezoidal metal sheeting using the SingleFix and ClampFit clamps. Schletter seam clamps were also used in some areas where the roof sheets were joined with standing seams.  

“A rooftop system of this size is not only an important milestone for the operator, but also for Austria as a PV location,” says Fabian Madl, Schletter Group’s key account manager. “At the same time, we as a business are further consolidating our good position in a very dynamic Austrian market.” 

Located on the factory roofs of automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturer Steyr Automotive in the town of Steyr, the company will cover around a quarter of its energy requirements with the solar power generated. 

Schletter Group is currently supplying Austria’s largest ground-mounted PV system, also in cooperation with Burgenland Energie. 

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