Trina Unveils Upgraded Vanguard 1P and 700 W+ Modules

Trina Solar has launched its intelligent tracking solution, composed of the newly upgraded Vanguard 1P and 700 W+ modules.

The Vanguard 1P features a pipe design that halves torque tube connection time, says the company, adding that the product’s multi-drive system shortens drive installation time. Also, its split spherical bearings and purlin installation system can reduce installation time.

The product is equipped with the company’s SuperTrack smart algorithm and the Trina Smart Cloud monitoring platform. Compared with traditional algorithms, SuperTrack can deliver energy gains of up to 8%, says Trina. 

The company adds that its latest design allows for use of irregular plots of land, as well as cutting the number of trackers per megawatt.

“The new-generation Vanguard 1P combines the core strengths of adaptability to terrain, construction, climate and peripherals,” says Trina’s Quan Peng. “It is perfectly suited for 700 W+ modules. Compared with 630 W modules, using the combination of newly upgraded Vanguard 1P and 700 W+ modules can lower BOS costs by RMB 0.038/W and improve IRR by up to 0.4% under typical working conditions in flat terrains.”

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