Windach Municipal Plant Delivers Energy to 2,300 Homes in First Nine Months 

The municipality of Windach in Landsberg, Bavaria, has installed a 6.6 MW DC-optimized ground mount solar plant which has generated 6.57 GWh in its first nine months of operation.

The 12,408 module solar array began operation last February and borders the A 96 highway between Munich and Memmingen. To ensure the project would receive widespread support, Gemeindewerke Windach canvassed the opinions of various interest groups in the region.  

“It was important to us to highlight the benefits of the plant,” says Florian Zarbo, CEO of Gemeindewerke Windach. “After all, beyond climate protection, there are many other reasons for generating electricity ourselves. For example, local, decentralized energy generation relieves the strain on the grid and creates greater scope for heat and electricity storage, which will become increasingly relevant in the future.”

The system uses SolarEdge technology and includes power optimizers which attach directly to modules enabling independent operation. The ground mount solution can also be placed at various pitches or orientations.

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