PVH reduces installation time by 40% with in-house pre-assembly

PVHardware (PVH) has launched an in-house pre-assembly process across production centers that the company says diminishes the number of components shipped to installation sites by 85%, as well as decreases installation time by 40%.

The company has adjusted its product design based on consumer feedback, including adaptation of the conditions for safety and the conditions of factory personnel, by focusing on adapting the spaces to the physical demands of the installation process.

“With factory pre-assembly, we ensure that all procedures are done correctly,” says Alberto Duro, head of pre-assembly at the PVH factory in Cheste. “This procedure has allowed us to detect difficulties, evaluate the best solution and apply improvement protocols in the process. We not only improved controls, we increased them. In this way we ensure that we always offer the best product in all our projects.”

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