Enphase Energy Launches New North America Microinverters

Enphase Energy has begun shipping its new microinverters, the IQ8HC and IQ8X, designed to pair with modules up to 540 W DC, to the North American market. 

IQ8HC microinverters can manage a continuous DC current of 14 amps and are available throughout North America, says the company. It added that the IQ8X microinverters are available in the U.S. and support modules with higher output DC voltage and cell counts.

In addition to the company’s microinverters, its North America energy systems can be paired with its batteries. 

“The latest IQ8 Microinverters exemplify Enphase’s unwavering dedication to innovation,” says Enphase Energy’s Aaron Gordon. “We’re proud to expand the global availability of our high-powered IQ8 Microinverters so that more homeowners and businesses are empowered to embrace a brighter energy future.”

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