Kinematics Opens New Facility, Expanding Solar Tracking Capacity

Kinematics announced its 270,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility in Jiangsu, China, saying it can double the company’s capacity to support up to 33 GW of new solar tracking. 

“This strategic move marks an important milestone in our commitment to anticipating and meeting the growing demand for our high-quality products,” says Kinematics’ Kyle Zech. “In addition to the expanded capacity for our existing customers, this new facility strengthens our global presence.”

The  company adds that the new facility includes capabilities for validating and testing products, as well as a filtering and treatment system for paint, oil and water meant to reduce emissions and ensure worker safety.

“This new facility represents the very best in drive manufacturing and assembly technologies, with high levels of automation, in-process quality assurance and optimized production flow to deliver the quality, lead time and volume demanded by our customers for the next decade,” says John Payne, CEO of Kinematics.

Kinematics began manufacturing in China in 2006. 

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