MGE Adds More Solar to its Grid with Fitchburg Project

Madison Gas and Electric’s (MGE) latest solar array, the 6 MW Tyto Solar in Fitchburg, Wis. is fully operational and delivering locally generated distributed energy to MGE’s distribution system grid.

“This project is another step in our journey toward net-zero carbon electricity for all MGE electric customers,” says MGE’s Jeff Keebler. “Our target is reduced carbon emissions. Under our commitment, by 2030, every MGE electric customer will have 80% fewer carbon emissions associated with their electricity use simply by being an MGE customer. Everyone we serve will reap the benefits of a cleaner grid as we invest cost-effectively for a net-zero carbon future.”

Tyto Solar uses bifacial panels with a tracking system programmed to rotate with the sun. OneEnergy Renewables developed and constructed the project.

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