Decom Solar Decommissions Solar System for Seyon Management

Decom Solar LLC has completed the decommissioning of a 661.96 kW rooftop system for Seyon Management. The solar installation, located atop a warehouse in Watertown, Mass., needed to be removed to facilitate building renovations.

Decom Solar collaborated with Seyon Management to deliver an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and efficient solution for their project. The major construction phase took three weeks, and all significant equipment was repurposed through resale and donation. The company worked with non-profit Let’s Share the Sun Foundation and donated a portion of the equipment, which will supply energy to the Santa Chiara Children’s Center in the Cite Soleil commune in Port au-Prince, Haiti.

“Decom Solar proved to be the perfect partner for us,” says Joe DiRienzo, senior project manager at Seyon Management. “Their expertise in solar decommissioning was evident from our first meeting, and their clear communication and adaptability contributed to one of the smoothest construction projects I’ve ever been a part of.”

To further its commitment to the environment, Decom Solar has partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit focused on global reforestation. For this project, Decom Solar donated 1,976 trees to be planted on behalf of Seyon Management.

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